Weekly/Monthly Awards

Player of the Week:
Week: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Faust Beltrami PG Bucks
2 Titouan Duff SF Lakers
3 Clifton Mayfield PG Knicks
4 Florencio Medina SF Sixers
5 Russell Dial PG Spurs
6 Aaron Terry C Wolves
7 Jospeh Bible PG Wizards
8 Faust Beltrami PG Bucks
9 Ronnie Mack SG Raptors
10 Timothy Pollard PF Vultures
11 Mitchell Rice SF Bulls
12 Dino Boyd SG Suns
13 Maceo Duff SG Rockets
14 Aaron Terry C Wolves
15 Hector Meyers PG Celtics
16 Griffin Short PG Jazz
17 Morgan Morris SF Hawks
18 Maxence Oliveira PG Kings
19 Maxence Oliveira PG Kings
20 Brett Elie PG Pistons
21 Aaron Terry C Wolves
22 Aaron Terry C Wolves
23 Curt Armstrong PG Pacers
24 Brett Elie PG Pistons
Player of the Month:
Month: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Griffin Short PG Jazz
2 Jospeh Bible PG Wizards
3 Timothy Pollard PF Vultures
4 Maceo Duff SG Rockets
5 Maxence Oliveira PG Kings
6 Brett Elie PG Pistons
Rookie of the Month:
Month: Player: Pos: Team:
1 Ronnie Mack SG Raptors
2 Ronnie Mack SG Raptors
3 Ronnie Mack SG Raptors
4 Faust Beltrami PG Bucks
5 Faust Beltrami PG Bucks
6 Faust Beltrami PG Bucks

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